Concert of Cary Rosa Varona on June 07th, 2024 – lunAtico La Palma

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Concert of Cary Rosa Varona on June 07th, 2024




9. Juni 2024


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Cary Rosa Varona at the LunÁtico, La Palma

The concert by Cary Rosa Varona was an impressive showcase of her versatile talent and musical depth. With the electric bass in hand and her distinctive voice, she captivated the audience while performing mostly her own songs.

Varona, who began her career as a cellist in Havana and joined the chamber orchestra “Camerata Romeu” at the age of 16, brought her rich experience and skill to the stage. Her compositions, which often weave elements of jazz and Cuban music together, created a unique atmosphere in the room.

The performance was marked by her own style, which gave the songs a special intensity and depth. Her voice, powerful yet sensitive, conveyed the emotions of her songs directly to the hearts of the listeners.

Overall, it was another unforgettable evening at LunÁtico, La Palma, highlighting once again why Cary Rosa Varona is considered one of the most versatile musicians of her generation. Her concert was not just a musical performance but also an emotional journey that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

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Concierto de Cary Rosa Varona el 07 de junio de 2024
Konzert von Cary Rosa Varona am 07. Juni 2024