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Become a sponsoring member of LunÁtico and support our non-profit cultural work on La Palma!

  1. Support us financially: LunÁtico is proud to be an important part of the non-profit cultural work on La Palma, but we can only carry out our work with the support of our members. Become a supporting member and help us to finance our charitable events and artistic projects. The annual membership fee for supporting members is 50 euros. Your donation will be invested directly in the promotion of art and culture on our island.
  2. Exclusive events and incentives: As a supporting member of LunÁtico, you won’t only feel like making an important contribution to culture on La Palma, but you also receive exclusive benefits. We plan to offer special events and incentives exclusively for our supporting members to give you added value for your support. These events could be exclusive concerts, meet-and-greets with artists or other cultural experiences. Your opinion is important to us and we would love to hear your ideas for future incentives.

Become a supporting member of LunÁtico today and help us to promote and maintain the cultural work on La Palma. Thank you for your support!

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    Support LunÁtico through donations and help us continue our charitable work!

    Non-profits like LunÁtico rely on generous donations from sponsors to fulfil their mission and serve the community. Your donations allow us to offer quality cultural events, support local artists and promote cultural diversity on La Palma.

    Financial support from sponsors is vital to keep our programmes running and to launch new initiatives. Through your generous donations, we can ensure that our events are accessible to all and reach a wide audience. In addition, your donations enable us to improve our infrastructure and continuously increase the quality of our events.

    As an acknowledgment of your support, sponsors will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes upon request. In addition, we will list the names of our sponsors on our website to publicly recognise their generous support – only if they wish to do so, of course.

    We encourage companies, organisations and individuals to make generous donations of any amount to support LunÁtico in its charitable work. Your donations have a direct and significant impact on the culture of La Palma and help to make our island a vibrant and inspiring place for all. Thank you for your support!

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