The association – lunAtico La Palma

Welcome to LunÁtico

Your cultural association in El Paso, La Palma introduces itself.

The Asociación Cultural LunÁtico is a vibrant cultural association founded in March 2024 by a dedicated group of artists and culture lovers. Our aim is to promote cultural diversity and creativity on the island and to create unique artistic experiences for our community.

Our Board of Directors is made up of experienced and passionate individuals:

Responsible for the organisation and technical implementation of our events. With his expertise and experience, he ensures that our events run smoothly.

Oliver (vicepresident)
Responsible for the marketing and technical aspects of our events. He is the creative mind behind our advertising campaigns and works closely with Ralf to develop innovative technical solutions.

Kerstin (Controlling)
Kerstin oversees our finances and ensures that our funds are managed transparently and responsibly.

Theresa (Administration)
Theresa takes care of the documentation and recording of our organisation’s activities. With her precise and reliable way of working, we always have an overview of all the important information.

Our Board of Directors is supported by other committed members:

Together, we form a dynamic team that is passionate about promoting art and culture.

Our events include concerts, live music events, open stages and much more. We provide a stage for local talent as well as renowned artists from outside the island. With a variety of artistic styles and genres, we aim to enrich the cultural landscape of La Palma and create unique experiences for our visitors.

Visit us and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of art and culture at lunÁtico. We look forward to welcoming you to our events and experiencing unforgettable moments together!

Would you like to support our organisation and our work?