Concert of Casa Nomada on June 14th, 2024 – lunAtico La Palma

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Concert of Casa Nomada on June 14th, 2024




15. Juni 2024


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Casa Nomada at the LunÁtico, La Palma

What started off as a concert this Friday in LunÁtico quicky turned into an international party, where the characteristic voice of María, Josef’s guitar rhythms and two fiery guest percussionists took us all for a trip to a balcanic carnival.

Nobody was able to resist this athmosphere – behind the bar, on the dancefloor and even in the kitchen you could spot people shaking their hips and stomping their feet, turning the LunÁtico once more into the happiest place on the island.

Let´s meet at the LunÁtico, La Palma.

Konzert Casa Nomada am 14. Juni 2024
Concierto de Casa Nomada el 14 de junio de 2024