Concert of Korrigan Circus on May 31th, 2024 – lunAtico La Palma

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Concert of Korrigan Circus on May 31th, 2024




4. Juni 2024


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Korrigan Circus at the LunÁtico, La Palma

The concert by Korrigan Circus was an unforgettable musical journey! The LunÁtico was full, and the atmosphere was excellent. Anyone who missed the concert truly missed something spectacular. The sound was top-notch, and the band was captivating.

The compositions by Korrigan Circus are performed with natural instruments such as the buzuki, Indian, Chinese, and Irish flutes, guitars, percussion, harmonicas, singing bowls, and Tibetan bells. Inspired by the rhythms and harmonies of ancient cultures like the Balkans, Vikings, and Celts, as well as newer styles like folk and progressive rock, their songs build bridges between cultures and explore the infinite paths of fantasy.

The lyrics, typically written in a fabricated language, explore the emotions contained in the basic sounds and intonations of the human voice. The absence of a concrete meaning allows the audience to dance their own story, live their own fairy tale with the soundtrack of Korrigan Circus.

In summary, the concert by Korrigan Circus was a unique experience that transcended language barriers and left a lasting impression on everyone who attended.

Let´s meet at the LunÁtico, La Palma.

Concierto de Korrigan Circus el 31 de mayo de 2024
Konzert vom Korrigan Circus am 31. Mai 2024