Concert of BuszJan Trio on May 24th, 2024 – lunAtico La Palma

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Concert of BuszJan Trio on May 24th, 2024




27. Mai 2024


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BuszJan Trio at the LunÁtico, La Palma

The concert with the BuszJan Trio was an unforgettable musical journey! The band captivated the audience with their unique sounds. BuszJan, often referred to as the Tom Waits of La Palma, impressed with his deep, smoky voice, creating a unique atmosphere.

The band presented an impressive selection of their own songs, ranging in the genres of blues and folk. With their heartfelt lyrics and melancholic melodies, they created an atmosphere full of emotions and energy.

It was an evening filled with magical moments and musical highlights, showcasing why the BuszJan Trio is a staple in La Palma’s music scene. Their passion for music was palpable in every note and left a lasting impression on everyone who experienced the concert.

Let´s meet at the LunÁtico, La Palma.

Concierto de BuszJan Trio el 24 de mayo de 2024
Konzert vom BuszJan Trio am 24. Mai 2024