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Raider becomes Twix




2. April 2024


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The LunÁtico: Naming a New Cultural Star in La Palma’s Sky!

Amidst the chaos of naming our new association, we faced a challenge: How could we preserve the spirit of the beloved “Atico” while also finding a fresh and captivating name that reflects our vision for the future?

Like a creative lightning bolt, inspiration struck! We recalled a legendary advertising campaign from the 1990s where the company Mars announced: “Raider becomes Twix, nothing else changes.” This simple yet ingenious message got us thinking: Why not take a similar approach to renaming our association?

And so began our journey to find a name. We wanted a name that respected the roots of “Atico” but also heralded a new era of cultural experience in La Palma. After many discussions, brainstorming sessions, and coffee breaks, we finally found the perfect name: LunÁtico!

Why LunÁtico, you may ask? Well, we wanted a name that embodied the spirit of Atico – the feeling of vibrancy, spontaneity, and creativity. “LunÁtico” combines these qualities in a subtle yet powerful way. It’s a name that stimulates, encourages, and fires the imagination.

But don’t be deceived – LunÁtico is more than just a new name. It’s a promise, a commitment, an invitation to be part of an exciting new era of cultural development in La Palma. We’ve preserved the spirit of Atico, but at the same time, we’ve evolved and are ready to explore new horizons.

So join us as LunÁtico opens its doors and ignites a symphony of creativity. Because like the old Raider and Twix proved: When the name changes, nothing changes about the essence of who we are.

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Raider se convierte en Twix